Hey, I'm Johannes!

I'm an AI researcher and co-founder of Prime Intellect. Subjects I love to discuss to no end are decentralized AI, semi, energy abundance, definite techno-optimism, BCIs and many others - far too many for a currently normal lifespan, which is one of the reasons I'm also into longevity.

After reading the Scaling Hypothesis in 2020, I got extremely scaling-pilled and shifted my entire focus to LLMs. I joined Aleph Alpha over two years ago, helping build a novel, distributed training framework from scratch with state-of-the-art efficiency .
Following endlessly discussions on the latest AI research, traveling together to ICML, NeurIPS and more, @vincentweisser and I decided at end of 2023 to go all in on Prime Intellect to build our vision of an open and decentralized future of AI.

At Prime Intellect we are building the infrastructure for decentralized AI development at scale. We aggregate global compute and enable researchers to collaboratively train state-of-the-art models through distributed training across clusters .
We have recently raised a $5.5 million seed round from an awesome group of investors and angels, such as Clem from HuggingFace and Dylan Patel from SemiAnalysis.
We are hiring for Founding Engineers, Researchers and more, apply here.

Need help on a research project or just wanna chat about Scaling Laws? Schedule a 30 minute call with me: Calendly Link

Side Projects

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